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an investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Investing in

Real Businesses

We Invest in Real, Purpose-Driven Businesses

Real businesses build products and services and sell them for a profit. They focus on customers, revenue and profitability … not investors, valuations and the next fundable milestone.

Real businesses prioritize their customer’s needs over their customer’s attention. They have a functioning business model, not a believable financial model. Real businesses work hard to stay in business, not run for the exit.

They create their own source of funding and don’t have to ask anyone for permission to exist. We believe real businesses make brilliant investments.

We'll trade slower, thoughtful, compounding growth over scaling fast and failing fast every time. Scaling a business through delighted customers and revenue is no harder than breaking the addiction of spending other people's money.

The freedom and benefits of that focus are manifested in every aspect of a company's culture. Startup’s bleed red, real businesses bleed black.

"successful investing is about    managing risk, not avoiding it"

Benjamin Graham

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