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to unlock your entrepreneurial ideas & passion through practical knowledge, supportive environment and matching you with your business 'soulmat‍‍‍e'

* Artificial Intellige‍‍‍nce (A.I)


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A.I matches you with your business 'soulmat‍‍‍e'


practical knowledge & hacks for building‍‍‍ your ‍‍‍remarkable startup


access to global resources and expertise

Design & Build Your First Startup

You are not alone ... but rather working, learning and growing with entrepreneurial kindred spirits.

We are developing MAPSS (Matching Algorithm for Personality and Skills in Startups), an Artificial Intelligence algorithm for matching and assigning entrepreneurs to the ‘perfect’ startup team thus increasing the likelihood of synergy, fun and success.

As individuals, we cannot be experts in all business functions. The Entrepreneurs in Residence Program is designed to provide individuals and teams with the necessary tools, skills and education to design, build and launch a startup. We lead you step-by-step from solving a real problem to lauching a remarkable business.

We simplify the process of building your startup by sharing time-saving resources and giving you access to business ecosystems and deep expertise. It is our goal to support your exciting entrepreneurial journey from A to Z.

Ideal Candidate

One Idea Ventures is also specializing in ‍‍‍technology/methodology for building and managing decentralized businesses so you are no longer limited to the talent in your local neighborhood. We aim to connect you with the individuals most likely to ensure your success in the startup - wherever they may live. The Internet and collaborative technologies makes this possible.

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practical knowledge & hacks for b‍‍‍uilding your

remarkable startup