Using our proprietary Deep Insight Methodology, OIV can uncover game-changing opportunities within your business or create new high-growth assets taking you to the ‘promised land’ and delivering on your vision.

Working with OIV will‍‍‍ expose you to a world of new and exciting possibilities.  

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Goes Exponential with DeepIn‍‍‍sight


One Idea Ventures (OIV) partners with businesses that are in search of growth opportunities but don’t have the knowledge, resources or time. OIV provides a cost-effective path to creating the ‘impossible’ through strategic partnerships,

We have extended our service offering to include the following areas:‍‍‍

"One Well Executed Idea Can Transform a Business"

Ian Newlands

Great Marketing Makes Selling Easy.

Strategic, well executed marketing is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to grow a company. Marketing ‘magic’ doesn’t require big budgets or big teams – it requires deep experience and a bootstrap mindset.  We approach all marketing from a bootstrap perspective – we believe that every marketing dollar invested must pay for itself – today!

Recently we’ve been strategically layering Artificial Intelligence into our ma‍‍‍rketing solutions to further support our promise of exponential performance.


Traditional + A.I = 10

We Help SMB’s


Should your business vision require funding, OIV can help unlock resources and provide the fuel required to turn dreams into reality.

Venture Capital

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Fueling Game-Changing Visions

One Idea Ventures

We Help SMB’s

Achieve ‍‍‍Exponential Performance

Achieve Exponential Performance